Rectus capitis anterior

  • The rectus capitis anterior (also rectus capitis anterior muscle, anterior rectus capitis, latin: musculus rectus capitis anterior) is a short muscle located anterior to the vertebral column, stretching between the atlas and the base of the skull. It is involved in flexion of the neck. Along with the rectus capitis lateralis it also belongs to the anterior suboccipital muscles.

    The rectus capitis anterior originates from the anterior base of the transverse process of the atlas (C1) and inserts onto the inferior surface of the basilar part of the occipital bone.

    By contracting the rectus capitis anterior aids in flexion of the neck at the atlanto-occipital joint.

    The rectus capitis anterior is innervated by branches from the loop between the anterior rami of the 1st and 2nd cervical spinal nerves (C1 - C2).